Goodreads Reviewers Critique My Wednesday

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“I like the premise of her Wednesday, but I don’t think she really followed through.”

“Repetitive! She has two kids. They eat a lot. We understood that the first time.”

“She kind of fizzled out halfway through and I had to force myself to get through the rest of the afternoon.”

“What’s with that recurring motif of her walking into a room and forgetting why she’s there?”

“The UPS guy’s storyline was totally unresolved.”

“Ugggh. The diaper changing! I could only handle those in small doses.”

“That scene where the baby whipped a toy truck at her head? LOL!!”

“Too many crayons.”

“Some parts were good. Ice cream! But other parts were just blah. Who cares about a stopped-up sink?”

“It should have been about half the length it was.”

“I wanted it to be more like Ian McEwan’s Saturday.”

“Her Wednesday looks so funny. I think I’ll reserve it at the library.”

“Loved it!!!!!! Can’t wait to see what she does with Thursday.”

“Why not Tuesday?”

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