We learn the answer to this question, plus her feelings on ‘leaning in’, parenting methods and that delinquent, The Man With the Yellow Hat, in this exclusive interview for the New York Times’ Motherlode.

It may appear from my frequency of posting on this site that I’m often whisked away to remote islands by fearsome but cuddly captors who have wild mood swings, speak in strange voices, ask many questions but rarely answer them and make it difficult for me to compose a sentence without having to run away to rescue the one with a box on his head, charging toward the Lego tower…

Yes, I have small children. And in this Parents piece (PDF) I get to put all this very specialized experience to good use.

(on photos of me)

Seen fleeing the Easter Bunny

“pictured here with a monkey”

“being affectionately tousled by Michael Fassbender”

“Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and leading phlebotomist”

“renowned for her ability to organize cooking utensils”

“the passenger who landed the blimp”


Here’s some new humor on McSweeney’s, Goldilocks Reviews the Sunshine Mary Jane Pump on Zappos. Warning: some woodland creatures do have potty mouths.

“I like the premise of her Wednesday, but I don’t think she really followed through.”

“Repetitive! She has two kids. They eat a lot. We understood that the first time.”

“She kind of fizzled out halfway through and I had to force myself to get through the rest of the afternoon.”

“What’s with that recurring motif of her walking into a room and forgetting why she’s there?”

“The UPS guy’s storyline was totally unresolved.”

“Ugggh. The diaper changing! I could only handle those in small doses.”

“That scene where the baby whipped a toy truck at her head? LOL!!”